Full payment required with novelty orders. Shipping will vary, so contact should be made before sending order and payment. 


Print and mail order form with your check or money order payable to Northernwoods Taxidermy. No credits cards. 


Minnesota sales tax of 7.5% applied, unless you have a tax number. 


Fifty percent deposit required on all special orders. 



Shipping Instructions

Northernwoods Taxidermy is not responsible for lost or damage to specimens due to fire, theft or other disasters. 


Hides requiring tanning are sent to reputable tannery, but we are not responsible for the time they are at the tannery. 


10% of amount due will be added if mount not picked up within 30 days of contacting customer. After 90 days, mount will be placed for sale. 

Email us with your order or inquiry.